The Lies We Tell

The Lies we tell (Book Review)

There are lots of books for the young people that detail in fantasy in huge proportions. The real world exacts a different kind of pressure on the young people and how do they cope with this? This beautiful book by Himanjali Shankar is the kind that is really needed.

The Lies We Tell

The Lies We Tell Book Cover

The Lies We Tell” portrays friendship of Irfan, Rishi and Uma from various viewpoints converging to whether they would stay together or come apart. The core incidence that shakes up the epicenter of their friendship sends shockwaves that can be gauged in the end of the story. This book is a must read!

Here’s why:

  • A beautifully crafted story that fuses teenage love with family disaster
  • The story is subtly woven revealing a very different ending.
  • It gives voice to how relationships affect young people in myriad ways as shown in the characterization of Irfan, Uma and Rishi.
  • I would recommend this book to be read by young people especially in the ages of 15 to 19 years.
  • Overall verdict – Himanjali has struck a great balance of teenage phase and the effects of familial ties.

Go ahead read the blurb below and buy this book now!


Seventeen-year-old Irfan Ahmed is handsome, easy-going and deeply in love with his girlfriend, Uma. However, when Uma dumps him for his best friend, Rishi, Irfan’s life begins to unravel.

Things haven’t been good at home ever since his sister left. And soon, they get worse. He stops playing cricket, gives up music, cuts himself off from all his friends and withdraws into a world where his only solace comes from writing emails to his sister.

But when a photograph of Uma begins to circulate among their classmates, everyone suspects it’s Irfan taking his revenge on his two erstwhile best friends. But is it? Is Irfan really going out of his mind or is there someone else out there playing games with him?

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