Open Letters #2

Dear Future Me,

I don’t know whether you are running after your dreams or chasing away the butterflies in your butterflies while talking to your future crush. Instead of waiting for a prince to turn up at your doorstep on a carriage, it’s better that you learn how to ride a horse.

I imagine you as an aspiring writer sulking in a 9 to 5 job seeking small
pleasures everyday. Even though you are quite distant, I often fantasize about you. Hope you will also have fond memories of me.

In the hustle and bustle of your life, stop for a while (no, no, don’t start
overthinking) fall in love, get drunk, go on a solo trip and smile at your life for a while. Very soon, I will fade away with the complexities of life, sprinkling my charm in the form of pixiedust (or nothing if if you are too old to believe in fairy tales) There are so many things in my kitty that I have reserved specially for you, so stop sulking that I won’t be giving you a proper welcome.

I wish you the best and I sincerely hope that all your wishes (and my unfulfilled ones) are granted by the universe. Do create your own bucket list and fill it up to the brim with your dreams and desires. Think again – if you want to discard any of them in the ocean of life, don’t, instead, conceal them for a while in the sands of time.

Let’s meet again someday for coffee (or at work, if you are too busy) Don’t
forget to write back to me.

With love,
19-year old self.

Today is the 3rd Anniversary Birthday of Kaffeinated Konversations and though this post was supposed to be put in yesterday, we thought it would be a great reminder to seek the ‘future in us’.

About Aparna:

Aparna Prabhu is pursuing her Engineering degree from NMAM Institute of Technology. A caffeine addict and a self-proclaimed pop-culture engineer, words never cease to fail her. The creative write-ups she has penned down have been featured in various online/print mediums. She has two anthologies to her credit published by ‘Half Baked Beans’ and ‘Moments’ publishing houses.

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