Book Box

Reading good books is like having finest conversations with people since centuries

When a community is formed, opinions are shared, recommendations are given and lot of give-and-take is involved at a speed of light. With so much of energy driving us, we realized that putting all this in a box would be a magical thing! At the time when we were tinkering on the idea of books in a box, there were no book boxes in India. The year we came out with the #kkbookbox was the year that saw many book box subscriptions and we felt all the more happy to see so many people trying to entice people into reading.

Our two-pronged approach for the book box is based on:



Both features are the mainstay of the way our boxes are prepared and sent to you. While curated books and merchandise allows us to choose the best for you, customization gives you the hope to get what you want with flexibility.

Our subscription book boxes focus on authors from Indian sub-continent particularly as well as South Asian region, Middle East, Africa as well as lesser known authors globally. Our catch is – Good authors who have critically acclaimed work that should be taken up for reading. Our second important focus is diversity. Diversity in the type of books as well as the genres too. Be it poetry, non-fiction, memoirs or illustrations – every kind of book matters to us.

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